Our Marine biodegradable 4-6 pack alternative.

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Marine Biodegradable and Micro plastics free solution

68°C for biodegradability and only industrially compostable

Oimo is an eco-design and new materials startup.

Our mission is to supply the industry with the tools it needs to be more sustainable, and together reduce 8million tonnes of plastic which end up in the ocean every year.

We’ve developed a range of biomaterials that work with classic plastic machinery.

We have adapted services to aid in your transition to a more sustainable production.

Our Services
Product Development

Leave it to us, we’ll develop everything in-house

Collaboration Project

50/ 50 collaboration between your innovation centre and ours.

Pellet Supply

Coming soon, pellet supply for plastic swaps!

Albert Marfà
CEO & Co-Founder
Grégoire Vauché
CTO, Head R&D
Clara Hardy
COO & Co-Founder
Robert Nadal

Contact us to make the swap from plastic today!

Most sustainable project of the year 2018, Venture competition winner 2019
Graduated from the CVC Solve School accelerator 2019
Start-up Capital Winner 2019
One of the top National Impact Startups for Stage 1 2020
New Materials Award Guangzhou IET 2019
Part of the Xiji Incubator Shanghai 2019